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The passing clouds

Weeping may tarry for the night, but joy comes with the morning. Psalm 30 : 5b
Recently I went to Orlando to see some of my American friends as they gathered to present some topics on BusinessObjects. Okay, no more technical talk here. J
I boarded the flight and got a window seat. And the flight was during daylight hours, so I just looked outthe window the whole time, thinking how I could spend 5 days with my friends. One thing struck my mind as I looked at the sky. This is a picture which I took during the trip when the sky was pretty clear.
This revealed so many truths. I pray that this would help you and yours.
1. I saw the giant buildings and trees diminishing in their sizes as the plane took off and started flying higher and higher. After a few minutes, I could not see them at all.
Sometimes, the problems we face seem to be the toughest problem anyone could ever face. The truth is, that the same problem has different levels of complexities in different people. For a guy, not having a …