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Love is kind!

Love is kind.1 Corinthians 13:4b
Good morning!
Few years ago, we had a wonderful family festival in my Church. The family which came to lead us on that day enacted and conducted pretty simple games to reveal the simple but powerful truth behind them. A ninth grade girl told us a story which really touched the hearts of many. Here is her story:
A lady who was quite busy with cooking for her guests got upset when her little son walked behind her so closely wherever she went. At one point, she yelled at him and pushed him hard enough to make him cry. He ran out of the kitchen as fast as he could into his bedroom and wept a lot till he fell asleep. The lady, after she finished all her work in the kitchen, remembered what she had done to her son. When she went into his bedroom, she found him asleep on his bed. Then the Lord told her to return to the kitchen again. When she went, she saw many beautiful flowers in various colors scattered on the floor. She realized that her small boy had follo…

Love is patient!

Love is patient.1 Corinthians 13:4a
Good morning, friends!
I have a friend with whom I share anything & everything. Most of the times, I send texts/IMs to him knowing that he is at work. If something happens, I will update him as soon as I can irrespective of our time differences. One day when I asked him how he is so patient toward me, he replied, “Because I love you.” And so it is with my mom & dad who always listen to whatever I say. They don’t even know anything about IT, but still they listen to all I say, and always seem interested. They could tell me, “Will you please stop? We are tired of hearing this every day.” But they don’t. Why is that so? Because they love me. 
During my college days, in the early morning, some of my friends and I always woke up to pray. It was funny that several times we chose to read 5-10 verses per person, rather than reading one at a time. You know why? We thought that we could sleep before our turn comes. I can’t count how many times I prayed t…