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I will tell of the kindnesses of the LORD, the deeds for which he is to be praised, according to all the LORD has done for us. Isaiah 63 : 7

Recently I’ve been to a hospital in USA (I think that is the first place I’ve visited in Nashville) and those were the horrible 9 hours. I waited for more than an hour to have the receptionist calling my name and the doctors and technicians without treating my pain started taking all the tests they could. Without my parents standing next to me, in a foreign country, a great fear captured my heart and I could remember my eyes crying silently for all those hours seeing the doctors coming in and giving me all the terrific reasons for why I was there even before the results came.

I was continuously asking the Lord for why I was there like an orphan. Some serious plans of going back to India, or to continue here in US, fear, pain and every kind of emotion literally made me the worst patient ever.

After returning also I spent 2 days crying & thinking about what happened. I asked the Lord n number of times why He has allowed me to pass through that situation.

Last night, I attended ‘The Well of Nashville’ organized by Carl and Leann Albrecht. There I heard Leann talking about the grapes in the vineyard of Italy. These grapes will not be tasty when there is an abundant rain, but they get sweeter only when there is no rain at all. Their roots go deeper and deeper into the soil trying to find some water. By that time they started absorbing all kinds of minerals and that’s the reason they get much sweeter! My critical situation made me realize that work is not everything. Health is much more important. It taught me to lean on Him. Only by Him I was able to recover from the pain. When all the doctors scared me, the perfect Healer alone comforted me.

When I was sick I asked the same questions again and again to the Lord, but then I realized how many times I didn’t surrender my health in His hands, but still He took care of me. I thought of the times when I really didn’t pray for my family and their safe coming and going, but still He kept them healthy. I remembered the times even before I started praying my sister saying to me that she secured very good marks, my brothers reaching home safe after the rash drives, my friends getting better jobs, my simple desires getting fulfilled, my needs met by Him before even I knew I needed them, etc… etc…

Yes, many times we forget to thank God for all the goodness and the mercies that He is showing us unconditionally. But then we think about our own problems all over again and again without getting bored. It’s very tough to stay calm, but I believe God is not a horrible one to test you in your difficult times, but He allows something which will definitely work out for good. In my case, I learnt that the temple in which He lives (our body) has to be taken care.

As a personal note, I would request you all to drink plenty of water and keep you from dehydrating. May God be with you all and keep you & yours sound and healthy.


  1. I agree to this,

    "I learnt that the temple in which He lives (our body) has to be taken care."

    Yes, we must not make ourselves tired for God. I have learnt this many times.Primary Focus is God and God's work ,then the Work that He has given for us to survive in this world and then everything else.

    God Bless you Sis.Jansi for sharing this message and keep serve for the Lord!


  2. Jansi

    This is one of your best, and most touching, posts yet. Thank you for sharing your heart. You are truly a blessing to all who visit this site.


  3. Thanks a lot, John and Roland! You always encourage me. :)

  4. Dear sis, I know exactly what you went through when you were far from your parents and sick. I went through the same path some months back, where I had sever stomach ache since 7:30 AM to 9:00 PM and there was none next to me (as I stay away from my family). I literally felt like an orphan.

    As my redemeer lives, HE surrounded me with HIS presence and healed me miraculously.

    I Praise the LORD for healing me and you :)

  5. Hi Jansi,

    Even I have undergone the same situation. But God was so gracious and took care of me when I had no one to help.


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