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With a thankful heart!

Be joyful always; pray continually; give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus. 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

Good morning. I’m glad to share another message today. It’s all about the good news of God.

I never used washer and dryer earlier. Not to mention, I’ll heap them up for my mom to wash when she comes to Chennai. :) Now I don’t have any other go. A few weeks back, I started using them. But when I saw one of the trousers after it came out of washer I was shocked that it lost a button.  I don’t have a thread and a needle to set it right. That happened a week back.

A few days back, I loaded the next set of clothes into the washer. I was not willing to lose any more buttons. So I prayed just like a kid and asked him to keep all the buttons safe. :) And when I took the clothes from the washer, I was very careful to see every clothe one by one to see if it retains all its buttons or not.
Why should I care about it? It is because I paid the price. This reminded me of a wonderful truth.

When I care about the shirts and pants that I bought for a few rupees/dollars, how much will my God care about me when He has redeemed me by paying His own life! Isn’t it amazing? No one will pay for something unless he considers it to be useful and precious. Jesus knows that we’re not useful in anyway, but still we are more precious to Him and that’s the reason He gave His blood for you and I and that’s the reason we are all saved by Jesus. We’re no more under the yoke of sin, but we’re set apart for Him. We owe thanking Him all the time for this.

What else could He do to show His love for us other than dying for our own sins?

I would like to add a story which a pastor shared in one of his sermons.

A man heard someone knocking at his door. He saw another man standing with a handful of fresh vegetables and told him that he brought them for this man and his family. Highly surprised, he took them from his hands and even more surprised when the man came again the next morning with the vegetables at free of cost. Weeks passed by. It became a practice that he didn’t go to the stores to buy vegetables for him. Several months passed by.

One day he was eagerly waiting for the free vegetables, but he didn’t hear anyone knocking at his door. He really got angry as to why the other one didn’t bring him vegetables. His surprises, his happiness, etc… are easily forgotten. He didn’t have grateful heart, rather he started complaining.

The same holds with you and me. When we accepted Christ as our personal Savior we enjoy His presence. We long to wait in His presence. We long to hear from Him. But as days pass by, we easily forget the greatest gift He gave us at free of cost with no ‘conditions apply’. The price He paid for, is the highest one, His own life! When situations don’t work in the way we expect, the grateful heart vanishes bringing a grumbling heart. Are you thankful for the salvation you’ve received today? I know that how much you earn, or how intelligent you have doesn’t matter. How peaceful you’re internally that matters!

No matter how big our problem is, as we have a big God for whom the biggest problem is like the dust. Ask God to give you a thankful heart today!

May God bless you! May His peace rest on you!


  1. I am a christian but I have recently walked away from Christ and have almost forgotten all my prayer and bible reading sessions. I somehow stumbled upon your blog and it really touched my heart. Thank you so much. God really spoke to me reading your blog posts. Thanks again. Do remember me in your prayers.

  2. Thanks a lot, Divya! May all glory be to Him! I've added your email to my DL. You'll receive an email too whenever I send it out. Stay blessed and be a blessing. God loves you!


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