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Life is too short!

"If you forgive those who sin against you, your heavenly Father will forgive you. But if you refuse to forgive others, your Father will not forgive your sins." Matthew 6: 14, 15

The Lord has placed a deep burden inside me to share with you all two things. Let me bring the first one today and the next one tomorrow. This is my personal unforgettable incident, but I’m sharing this to you all for your edification. Please read it fully.

My father got voluntary retirement when I did my Engineering second year. Till then I used to spend my vacation at my grandparents home. My father used to be their son, rather than their son-in-law. We all loved one another. He helped my uncle financially with the entire amount he got after his retirement upon the advice of my grandfather. One day came when my family stood shocked when we were not able to pay my college fees. My parents and I went to my uncle’s home just to know that he would not return even a single rupee for my fees. Somehow God provided graciously and only with His mercy I got graduated. Only by his grace I got placed even before I came out of the college.

But the other side was, we had hatred developed deep inside our hearts toward them all. IT was my mom who constantly longed and prayed for unity and peace between us once again. But I, my father and siblings felt that they didn’t deserve to be forgiven. Somehow God spoke to me and I reconciled with few of them, especially with my grandfather.

Few months back, when we went for a prayer meeting, by God’s grace my father met my grandfather and spoke to him. Things started changing one month back. My grandfather fell sick. To take care of him, my father took off and was there outside the Critical care unit day and night along with my uncles and soon everyone was united. We wholeheartedly prayed for one another. We felt the love growing from within.

Within a month, the Lord wanted my grandpa and on last Saturday he entered the eternity. We all cried and cried till no more tear was left out in the eyes. IT was very tough. But I could see the oneness again. That’s what my mother longed for a very long time, which I thought was never possible at all. But now I know with God all things are possible!

Before my grandpa died, he saw everyone together and though he was not able to speak or express it, I know definitely he was very happy on the reunion. And my dear God showed us the grace to reconcile with everyone through this incident. We have peace in our hearts when we think at least we have taken good care of him before he left us.

Dear friends, it’s not too late to forgive someone who cheated you! Though they don’t deserve it, please forgive them. Because, you never know whether you’ll get yet another chance to forgive them. Life is too short to hold grudge against someone. As far as possible live in peace with everyone. It’s not so easy. But through Him we can do anything and everything. Jesus Christ forgave even those who spat at Him. He showed His love even to us when we were the worst of all the sinners.

May God bless!


  1. We should learn to forgive which is more important in Christian walk.I am practising to forgive now if some one hurts me. I focus on God / Eternity / Heaven when it comes to fogiveness and it becomes easy to forgive.
    Entering to heaven is by HIS Grace but we should not have any bad remarks during the Judgement day when we face our Jesus face to face.
    God Bless you Sister

  2. Forgiving Others, is the quintessential foundation of our Faith. As well it is our duty as Beings created in The Image Of God. Also important, we must learn to forgive ourself first, for that is one of the deeply hidden disease that makes us sick when we have to forgive others, and at my site you will be thought how to: Dr. James Dazouloute


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