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Omnipresent God!

The fool says in his heart, "There is no God." Psalms 14 : 1

Good morning, friends.

A college student was in a philosophy class which had a discussion about God's existence. The professor presented the following logic:
"Has anyone in this class heard God?" Nobody spoke.
"Has anyone in this class touched God?" Again, nobody spoke.
"Has anyone in this class seen God?" When nobody spoke for the third time, he simply stated, "Then there is no God."

One student thought for a second, and then asked for permission to reply. Curious to hear this bold student's response, the professor granted it, and the student stood up and asked the following questions of his classmates:
"Has anyone in this class heard our professor's brain?" Silence.
"Has anyone in this class touched our professor's brain?" Absolute silence.
"Has anyone in this class seen our professor's brain?" When nobody in the class dared to speak, the student concluded, "Then, according to our professor's logic, it must be true that our professor has no brain!"

Recently at some nights in my room we had power shutdown. You know how hot India (Chennai) is during the summer. I don’t need to explain it at all. We needed the air so badly and only when we were not having power supply, we realized our desperate need for air. In fact I remember an entire night sitting in the balcony and calling up EB people continuously.

Though we don’t see the existence of air, we can definitely feel it. In other words when you don’t get oxygen to breathe you would not survive and I’ve seen in TVs how some people struggle to breathe when they hung up themselves. Though many can argue that there is no God and everything is an imagination of some religious folks, the ones who truly feel Him can boldly say that He is always there everywhere. It’s very true that we are still living because of His grace and mercies. I can strongly say that it’s only by His grace I’m not yet consumed.

Unless you don’t know about someone, you cannot feel what he/she is to you actually. No matter how Science and Technology are developing rapidly, they can’t disprove the existence of God! That’s what God is! No one can measure His greatness and endless love! Nothing can express His limitless availability and sacrifice for you and me. Bible clearly asks us to acknowledge God. Only then you can feel how great and good He is! Allow Him to speak to you, rather complaining that He is not speaking to you. Allow Him to act on you, rather than being so rigid. Even the clay should be flexible to the potter to bring out a beautiful pot out of it. Else it would remain useless to anyone.

May God bless!


  1. Yes he is alive and appears to people whoever allows to appear to them, but again it is his will.
    I had lot of doubts like everyother people have, but he made me to belive when he personally appears to me.
    So I encourage everyone to believe that our Lord and Savior Jesus exists and he is going to come soon.
    Thanks Sis.Jansi for sharing this wonderful message and enabling me to Testify our God.
    God Bless you

  2. Praise God! Thanks a lot for your comment!


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