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Mind your own business!

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” Jeremiah 29 : 11

Good morning, friends.

A little girl was sitting on her grandfather's lap as he read her a bedtime story. From time to time, she would take her eyes off the book and reach up to touch his wrinkled cheek. She was alternately stroking her own cheek, then his again. Finally she spoke up, “Grandpa, did God make you?” “Yes, sweetheart” he answered, “God made me a long time ago.” “Oh,” she paused, “Grandpa, did God make me too?” “Yes, indeed, honey,” he said, “God made you just a little while ago.” Feeling their respective faces again, she observed, “God's getting better at it, isn't He?”

A little girl giving comments on God! That was a funny story. Leaving it aside, how many of us believe that God does things better? One day I and one of my friends were speaking, “How can we find the will of God in marriages? Many are saying that they seek the will of God in their daughter/son’s marriage and finally choose a partner of the same caste/race. So going according to what the parents decide often doesn’t end in inter-caste/inter-denominational marriages. Parents themselves add another condition which God doesn’t speak about at all. Coming to the love marriages, it’s true that the two really love one another, but do they really seek the will of God or just go by their desires for one another. So how shall we pray for our marriages?”

This confusion is not only for marriages, but in almost everything. The long list includes choosing to stay with the same employer or to look for a job change, which school to decide for the kids, which course to choose, etc,… We can list almost everything which we can take in our own hands and we can also easily confuse others who think that they got the right choice.

Just think of a situation. If I go and ask my delivery manager, “How are we going to deal with this particular customer for many projects in the next financial year?”, will he not hit me saying, “Will you please mind your own business?” The same holds with the Lord too. He is the supreme one who knows everything. When you, a wicked one say, “Oh, marriage is for lifetime and it happens only once. What shall I do if I choose someone by mistake?”, will not your Lord think of it many times well before he created you and give you the right partner? When you by your limited knowledge say, “getting admission in this college is good for my career”, will not your Lord give you the course which He wants you to do because He knows that you would excel at it?

The Bible clearly says that the Lord has engraved us on the palms of His hand. Isaiah 49:16 and He knows all the plans for us and those plans are to prosper us and not to harm us. Jeremiah 29:11. It again asks us to be still in spite of the circumstances. Psalm 46:10. It instructs us to trust Him with all our heart and lean not our own understanding. Proverbs 3:5. Let Him do His work. Don’t try to interrupt Him by your own ways. He does things better. No, I’m wrong. He is the best at doing things for you and me!


  1. Dear sis, I got reminded of what my friend once said.

    There is no +ve or -ve with GOD. HE only knows one way and it might seem +ve or -ve for us based on how far we stand from HIM. The deviation that we have from HIM is what these +ves and -ves are. It is better to be inline with the LORD's mind to know HIS will.


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