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A busy prayer!

“Lord, save me.” Matthew 14 : 30

Good morning, friends.

In my fellowship we have Fasting Prayer on all Thursdays. We have some worship teams and I’m one among the fifth team. It was my turn to lead worship, last Thursday. Actually I was not only busy with my work, but also deeply burdened in my heart about various things. I was not so sure whether I would lead the worship or not. My shift ended by 2.30 PM, but as I was stuck up with some more activities, I stayed at my office for more time. Before leaving for the fasting prayer, I went into the dormitory and opened my Bible to read few passages. And then I just prayed to Him, “Lord you know how I’m today. I’m not having the strength to go and lead people in worship. But still, please be with me and let everyone feel your presence when we worship.” Though it was a busy prayer (lesser than 5 minutes), I prayed sincerely, because I knew I could do nothing without Him.

Worship started. I led worship many times so far. But that was a very different one. I knew I was not the one who actually spoke. It was God who led me in worship first and with His help I led others in worship and I believe everyone felt His presence.

When you surrender everything to Him you can actually start seeing His hands in everything. Never do anything by your own strength, but by His strength, for yours is week and He’s strong.

The reason why I write this today is, friends, if you think you’re busy, tied with lot many things that you’re not able to manage and not willing to pray as it would be a very shorter one, I would say, “Just go ahead; at least pray that busy prayer. God will answer you, because He knows your situation.” The shortest prayer in Bible was prayed by Peter when he was about to be drowned into the water. “Lord, save me.” It was answered. If you’re not having words to pray, just be still, go and sit silently in His presence. That will do. He’ll understand you very well. He does look your heart and not your mouth.

When I’m familiar with shortcut keys, I no longer wait to use them. I’ll use them very often. Again Peter’s shortest prayer can be prayed at anytime, no matter where you are. If you are walking on the road and you see an ambulance, you can pray it. When you see someone who lives by the road with no basic needs, you can pray it. When you see some kids playing in the shopping centers, you can pray it. So pray it! When you have your colleagues who struggle with their assignments, you can pray it! Or let me frame it as ‘You should pray it.’ Because, you learned this secret today. 


  1. Jansi, I read your responses on the BOB board and am inspired by your knowledge of the tool. I read this blog and again I am inspired, not by your tool knowledge but rather by your spirit.
    thank you for your devotion to our wonderful God and for sharing your love of Him with us.

    This is probabaly one of your best blog posts so far (IMO)

    aka REB01

  2. @Augustin: Thanks a lot.

    @Roland aka REB01: Thank you so much for your kind words. I'm humbled.

  3. @Everyone: Its is so true it is God who gives us the wisdom to solve problems. As we read in the Gideons story, God expects the credit should go to him, so whenever we overcome any difficulties lets give Thanks to him.Our God is a Jealous God. After reading Gideons story after long time I am filled with the spirit. God Bless you all. Keep up the good work Sis.Jansi and bear Fruit.

    A Servant in Christ,


  4. Thanks a lot for your comments, John. May God bless you!


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