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Seek Him first!

But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you. Matthew 6 : 33

Good morning, friends.

A king went to a forest in disguise. But he was not able to find his way out. Three young men passed near by. They recognized that it was their king and so they brought him back to his palace. He was so grateful to them and he wished to give them whatever they wanted. The first guy asked the king to give him silver. The king granted silver to him. The next guy wanted gold. The king happily gave him the gold he needed. Finally when the third guy's chance came, he asked the king to visit his home once in six months. The king was surprised, but then he agreed to visit him.

When he visited his home for the very first time, he felt that the way to his home was very bad. So he made plans to set it right and he did it. The next time when he visited, he felt that the house was not that sufficient, so he altered that guy's house. When he came for the third time, he thought it would be better for that guy to marry and so he searched for a bride in his own kingdom and he united them.

What does the above story tell? Does it not convey what Matthew 6 : 33 says? Yes, the first two guys wanted things from the king, whereas the third guy wanted the king's presence. This is what exactly we too need. The Lord is not a liar. He says that when we seek Him above all, He'll add all the other things. Why not try seeking His presence, instead of His blessings? When we focus on blessings, we may lose to focus on the Him. He is the ultimate source of everything and He'll bless us according to His riches in Heavens and He adds no more sorrows to it. No creation is above our Creator. Everything may vanish just like that, but the only thing that remains forever is the Pure Love of our Savior. When we follow Him, the grace and goodness will definitely follow us. We shouldn't run behind the grace and goodness, but behind the Lord and His unconditional, limitless love.


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Jesus' Word 1 and 2 on the cross

Hi all,

Friends, as this is the Holy week, let us see something about what Jesus spoke when He was on the cross. Yesterday we had a meeting where we shared the Word of God based on these seven Words. There can be n number of emails that can be sent. But I try to make things short. Read a verse and then take a break and then proceed, if it is too long.

Word 1:

“Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they do.” Luke 23:34

The people who shouted, “Hosannah!” and who prepared Him way on Palm Sunday, started shouting, “Nail Him on the cross” a few days later. He was beaten up like anything. People spitted on Him. They slapped Him. They made lot on His garments. They made Him bear a heavy cross. He was completely ill-treated by them.

Jesus – is the one who forgives the sins of the people. The primary purpose of Jesus to leave the place of the highest glory to the worst world is to forgive our sins. He insisted the same when He was on the cross when He was completed rejected and despise…

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“Now then go, and I, even I, will be with your mouth, and teach you what you are to say.” Exodus 4 : 12

Good morning. I was deeply burdened to share you a message for which I searched a short story. Unbelievably, God allowed me to read this story and yes it conveys exactly what I wanted to share today. I bet you would be inspired by this story. Every child comes with the message if you carefully notice what they do. Here is the story for you.

A little shepherd boy was watching his sheep one Sunday morning and he heard the bells of the church ringing. And watching the people walk along the pasture where he was, he happened to think to himself, “I would like to communicate with God! But, what can I say to God?” He had never learned a prayer. So, on bended knee, he began to recite the alphabet. Repeating this prayer several times, a man passing by, heard the boy's voice and peaked through the bushes. He saw the young boy kneeling with folded hands, eyes closed, repeating the alphabet.…

It is unfair!

Do not grieve; the joy of the Lord is your strength. Nehemiah 8:9
Good morning, friends.
During our New Year service when we were asked to share the testimonies, people shared how God has been good to them. It was such a delight to hear from those who experienced God’s hand in their lives. One girl made a statement when she testified the Lord. “It is unfair if I do not thank Him from the depth of my heart for all the good things He has done in my life.” The catchy thing to my ears was “It is unfair if I do not thank Him from my heart.” What an awesome statement that is!
I just think of how many thanks we normally say to people around us. If a person holds the door open for us, we thank them. If the cashier gives away the receipt for our purchase, we thank them. When the waitress serves the food, we thank them. When the team members do a fantastic job, we thank them. When the conductor gives the ticket, we thank them. When someone gives a ride to the office, we thank them. We can add n nu…