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Pray specific prayer!!!

Ask, and it shall be given you; Matthew 7 : 7

Good morning, friends. The following story is little bit lengthy. But please read it. May God bless!

Yane’s husband, Beni, without warning, lost his job. For 6 years, he enjoyed working in a multinational company. The first few months were OK; But as the months stretched to a year – and then more, the invitations got fewer and far between. During the almost two years of her husband’s joblessness, Yane was going through her own anxiety. As a mother to two growing schoolchildren, she saw their savings getting smaller. As a contingency measure, she moved out of her 8-yr old job to accept a higher-paying one. But aside from the dwindling funds, she was also worried about Beni’s self-esteem. And their marriage started to suffer too, since she was the one who was now earning for the family. Yane began questioning God, “Lord, I don’t understand what else you’re trying to teach us! How else should we pray? What else should we pray for?” That was when Yane realized that their prayer had to be more specific.

So she gathered her two kids around her and said, “Let’s pray for Daddy, that he would find a good job with a good boss – someone like his first boss in his former company.” And so that became the family’s specific prayer. “Lord, please help Daddy get a boss that is as good and kind as his first boss in his old company, in Jesus name.”

One day, Yane came home from work and saw the kids and her husband in a huddle. What’s all this about?” she asked. She heard her kids whisper excitedly, “Show it to her now!” Beni handed her a brown envelop. As she slowly pulled out the paper from the envelope, she read the name of a company…then her husband’s job title… then his salary… At these, she merely nodded in satisfaction. But when she got to the bottom of the paper, she was shocked. For there was a signature. It was that of Beni’s favourite boss! To her kids’ astonishment, Yane began to cry and laugh at the same time. She could hardly believe it! Like a child, she jumped up and down with joy, much to the kids’ amusement who jumped and laughed along with her.

Gabriel asked his mother, “Mom, why are you crying and laughing at the same time?” Yane saw a great opportunity to explain, “I’m crying because I’m so happy, son. Remember how you prayed for a good boss for Daddy? Look at this name,” she pointed to the paper she was holding. “We were merely asking for a boss that would be like Daddy’s old boss. But no, God gave your Daddy exactly the same boss! He answered our prayers!”

Speaking in IT words, how can we deliver a product or render a service to the business, when they are not clear enough in their requirements?

Paul Yonggi Cho in his book, 'The Fourth Dimension' tells this. "God is with in you. He never works anything independently of you that concerns your life. So please place a clear cut objective before Him specifically in prayer. Don't just say, "God bless me, bless me!". Bible has 8000 promises. If you do so, God would ask, "Out of 8000 promises, what kind of blessing do you want?". God doesn't answer the vague prayers that you yourself are not sure of. So be very definite. If you're not specific, how would you know when God answers?"


  1. Thanks Sis.Jansi. Prayer should be very clear like crystal and specific, thats so true.

    There is a small correction I believe it is required.

    If you're not specific, how would you know when God answer?"

    Instead of "answer" it should be "answered". Am I correct?

    What I understood is if our prayers are not specific and like "Aviyal Kootu" how we will know for which one God answered and what time God answered? to Glorify his name for the answers.

    God Bless You.


  2. Answered or answers would be right. :) I'm modifying it.

    Yes, exactly. The Bible says when Jesus asked the blind what he wanted Him to do, he at once replied, "I want vision." Very specific prayer!

    May God bless you!

  3. Thank you.. Jansi...


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